Interac North Collective Bargaining 14/07/2022

On Thursday evening we concluded our 22nd session of Collective Bargaining. Interac North was represented by one member from Head Office. Hokkaido ALT Union was represented by Sapporo General Union. Since the company did not provide a translator, the session was conducted entirely in Japanese. The session was the 2nd in July due to the company postponing in June.

The session began with the company representative attempting to explain why a base-up to salary could not be granted. The union did not accept the reasons given.
The company representative told the union that the Board of Education determines salary. He also mentioned that the company will pursue higher wages by asking the Board of Education for more money. Currently, Sapporo Board of Education pays roughly 3800 yen per hour for each ALT. ALTs receive less than half that amount. ALTs are paid an estimated 1300 yen per hour during regular months.

After discussing salary for an hour, Union members shared their opinions on the company and its representatives, and the session came to an end.

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